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Opportunity in Journalism

Opportunity in Journalism

We have a very unique job opportunity that may be of interest to some of you who would like to work  in journalism and have a good command of written English.   A well-respected Baghdad-based international news agency (AFP) has an internship opportunity for up to four people.   Up to two of those interns may be offered a long-term job.    AFP has asked us to help them identify good candidates for this program.

Some details about the internship:

Four people will be selected to take part in a one-month internship to start in the very near future.  Two of those people may be hired in a permanent position with AFP.

Qualifications:  Excellent command of English, general knowledge of Iraq, and willingness to travel anywhere in Iraq to cover stories (expenses paid, of course).  There will be morning and evening shifts.
Pay: There will be no pay during the one-month training period.  After that, salary will work out to between 15-25 dollars a day.
Screening process:   To express interest in this opportunity, you must first send a CV to       by Monday April 4th. 

When you send this e-mail and CV to express interest, please write one paragraph about why you think you are qualified for this internship and possible job opportunity.  Up to 15 people will be invited to sit an exam in English and current events at the U.S. Embassy on Saturday April 9th . From there, up to four candidates will be selected to start the internship.  After that, AFP will make decisions about who to hire, based on performance.

Please only apply for this opportunity if you are seriously available to start a new job opportunity in the near future and if you can attend the screening test of English on Saturday April 9th. This is the only time this test will be offered.

Thank you.

Jeff Lodermeier

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